August 31, 2015

Labels for school coat hooks

Back to school is here! As a part of getting well organized and decorated classroom is useful to make labels for which the children can identify his coat hook.

I like that each child make his own drawing with his name.  A decorative way to make it is drawing into a cute frame.

It's an easy activity for the first day. Depending on children age, I give them a frame with the name written or leave that they write it.  Usually, I ask them that they draw themselves into the frame. Once  is finish, I stick it on the coat hook with adhesive transparent plastic.

At the end of the school year this drawing it's for me a way  to show children their evolution in the drawing and the representation of the human figure.

I leave you here two types of frames, one simulating a colorful tissue paper and another simulating cardboard. Also, I leave two types of files, printable frames (pdf) and another where you can edit the names of each frame, so you can add your own font/text color (doc).

Hope it will be useful for you.

Tissue paper texture:  To Print      Editable

Cardboard Texture: To Print      Editable

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