September 6, 2015

School joined cursive fonts

At school, especially during start and classrooms for kindergarten and first cycle, we have to make a lot of banners and labels: the names of the children, the class name, the name of some classroom objects, the name of the corners or to do worksheets. The printer and computer or tablet can we facilitate this task.

The kind of letter or fonts we use more on this ages are joined cursive and block capitals.

The different computer operating systems include fonts suitable to block capital letters, such as Arial or Verdana font. But we have to install joined cursive fonts to be able to use and see them on documents.

In upcoming posts, I will publish tutorials to learn how to install fonts on different devices and operating systems. On this post, I want to leave a collection of joined cursive fonts to us on our school work.

You can download them from here in .ttf format

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